Correlation between Age, IPSS, Prostate size with histopathological findings and management of patients of prostatism

Tushar Chandrakant Baheti, Shelke C V, Amar Deshmukh


Introduction: Benign prostatic obstruction/enlargement (BPO/BPE) is one of the important aetiology for Bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) in men. Study has been planned to measure various parameters of bladder dysfunction by using Cystometry in patients of Prostatism and to find out correlation between various parameters like age, prostate size, IPSS, management of patients with Prostatism, choice of operative procedure performed and various histopathological findings. Methods: This was observational study. Total 75 patients with age> 50 year and IPSS > 19 having symptoms of Prostatism were included in the study. Patient detailed history was taken and demographic parameters with IPSS, histopathological findings, management plan, Ultrasonography findings were recorded in structured proforma. Results: It is seen that the maximum i.e. 39 (52%) cases of prostatism are observed in the age group of 60 to 70 years. The average age was 67.29 years. Maximum i.e. 31 (41.33%) cases of prostatism had prostate size in 50-70 gms.36 patients were managed by catheterisation while surgery was performed in remaining 39 patients. Transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) was performed in 36 of 39 patients. IPSS was decreased significantly from average of 26 to average of 22 after 2 weeks of operation/catheterisation. Conclusion: Prevalence of BPE increases with age as there found to be positive correlation between age and Prostate size. TURP was preferred procedure in our tertiary centre for the treatment of BPE. Significant decrease in IPPS suggests improvement in symptoms of BPE after operation/catheterisation.

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