Authors: Amal S Elhassade, Alisa Ben Nasser.
Int J Clin and Biomed Res 2016;2(2):1-3.

Background:  Thrombocytopenia  is  a  common  finding  in  pregnancy,  occurring  in approximately 10 – 16 % of women. The normal range of platelet counts decreases, and it is not uncommon for the platelet counts to decrease as pregnancy progresses.  Lower platelet count observed in the pregnant are due to normal physiologic changes, and has many  common  causes  including  gestational  thrombocytopenia,  viral  and  bacterial infection  and  preeclampsia  complicated  by  hemolysis.  Objective:  the  objective  was  to investigate  thrombocytopenia  during  different  stages  of  pregnancy.  Materials  and methods: Sixty three pregnant women were included in this study from different clinic in Derna  city.  Mean  age  (28  ±  1.4)  year  with  a  range  (20  –  1.4)  year.  At  the same time  a group of  Sixty three healthy non pregnant women mean age ( 29 ±  2.2 )  with a range ( 23  –  45  )  year  to  compare  platelets  count  between  them.  By  automated  cell  counter platelets from all pregnant and non pregnant were estimated. Results:  Pregnant women had  lower  platelets  count  (mean  193×  109/l)  as  compared  to  healthy  non  pregnant women (mean 250 × 109/l). There was significant decrease in platelet count in pregnant as compare with non pregnant P ≤ 0.001. Conclusion: Platelet counts were performed on sixty three normal patients at different stages of pregnancy. Patients with complications of pregnancy known to influence the platelet count were excluded from the study. There was significant decrease in platelet count during pregnancy.

KEYWORDS:  thrombocytopenia,  gestational  thrombocytopenia,  idiopathic thrombocytopenia, pregnancy