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Guidelines for assessors.

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1. The unpublished manuscript is a privileged document. Please protect it from any form of exploitation.

2. Assessors are expected not to cite a manuscript or refer to the work it describes before it has been published and to refrain from using the information it contains for the advancement of their own research.

3. An assessor should consciously adopt a positive, impartial attitude towards the manuscript under review.

4. If you believe that you cannot judge a given article in partially, please return the manuscript to the editor with that explanation.

5. The review should be completed expeditiously, within 2-3 weeks. If you know that you cannot finish the review within the time specified, please inform the editor.

6. An assessor should not discuss a paper with its author.

7. In your review , please consider the following aspects of the manuscript as far as they are applicable:

  • The importance of the subject studied.
  • Originality of work
  • Appropriateness of approach or experimental design.
  • Adequacy of experimental techniques (including statistics where appropriate)
  • Soundness of conclusions and interpretation
  • Relevance of discussion
  • Clarity of writing and soundness of organisation of the paper.

8. Your criticisms, arguments, and suggestions about the paper  will be most useful to the editor.

9. You are not asked to correct deficiencies of style or mistakes in grammar, but any help you can offer to the editor in this regard will be appreciated.

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