Authors: Padmanabhan P, Karle RR, Jangle SN

Int J Clin and Biomed Res 2015; 1 (3):38-45

Background: The subject of biochemistry is taught in the first year of MBBS course. It is a subject required as an aid to understand the health and disease status of the patients in clinical studies and during medical practice. Considering the immense importance of the biochemistry subject in the future of the medical students, a feedback from the 1st MBBS students dealing with the subject would be directional. Hence the present study was undertaken at PIMS-DU with second semester of first year MBBS students as participants. Aims and Objectives: 1) To assess the attitude and approach of first year MBBS students towards the subject of biochemistry 2) Ascertain whether the medical students were informed adequately at the beginning of the course. Materials and Method: The participants of the study were first year MBBS students who are in the last month of their second semester. The questionnaire was administered amongst the students present on the particular day of study. The written responses to a 21-points questionnaire were analyzed on a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and descriptive analysis was done. Results: Majority of the first year MBBS students belonged to urban and semi-urban areas. metabolism was considered as the most difficult topic. The medical students had sufficient knowledge regarding the subject of Biochemistry. Their attitude and approach was analyzed towards the subject considering the minute details. Conclusions:The attitude and approach of the students of first year MBBS towards biochemistry was found to be commendable. However there is scope for further improvisation.

KEYWORDS: Biochemistry, attitude, approach, medical student.